Tell me about that night.

Zafar Productions Announces Anticipated Opening of The Wasted Years (2019)

For Immediate Release

San Diego, California – Zafar Productions is proud to announce the anticipated opening of The Wasted Years, a coming-of-age film, starring Teresa Gonzalez, Catie Morris, Kayla Morales, Johnny Guzman, Stephen Sorg, and directed by Nadia Zafar.

The Wasted Years, is the story of a group of college students finding themselves at the same party on a very distinctive night. It’s the beginning of their sophomore year and each of them are facing the internal struggle of understanding who they are as an individual. Although each have their own individual experiences that night, they’re somehow entangled in each other’s stories. Such stories are so raw that it inspires a mysterious filmmaker to make a movie based off the events that took place that night. In order to keep their identities hidden, the filmmaker works alongside a writer, who conducts a series of interviews with each of the students. It’s these interviews that drive the narrative.

Written by Nadia Zafar and Elena Mladenovic, The Wasted Years will enter the Film Festival circuit Winter 2019, hoping to gain mass attention and critical acclaim. The Film anticipates releasing Summer 2019 via an unnamed distribution channel.

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  • The Wasted Years (2019)
  • Zafar Productions
  • Written by Nadia Zafar and Elena Mladenovic
  • Directed by Nadia Zafar
  • Starring Teresa Gonzalez, Catie Morris, Kayla Morales, Johnny Guzman, and Stephen Sorg

“What I Like Most About This Film Is That It’s Raw, Doesn’t Sugar Coat Anything. The Characters Face Real Life Challenges That Anyone Can Relate To.”