A Rising Tide.

Movie Maker Author, Tiger Tam, discusses the exciting movement on the film front regarding San Diego’s push for becoming California’s next big destination for Filmmaking.

When most people think of San Diego, California, what normally comes to mind initially are white sand beaches, tropical climates, excellent Mexican food, however, what most people don’t realize is these desirable destination traits are what is driving the process of San Diego becoming a Film Destination. “Turns out these features, beyond contributing to the city’s reputation as a vacation destination, are helping to promote San Diego’s budding film industry, backed by the support of the city’s council members and government officials. Moviemakers may come for the locations—deserts, mountains, and 70 miles of coastline—but they stay for the surprisingly film-friendly, collaborative environment.”

“Before getting involved in the city’s film department, Filming Program Manager Brandy Shimabukuro was creating support programs for small businesses with the Gaslamp Quarters, a nonprofit merchants’ association in downtown San Diego. That work, she says now, closely mirrored San Diego’s burgeoning film initiatives: supporting a community of artists, via a spirited exchange of ideas and a mutual desire to find a common solution among major studios and low-budget filmmakers alike.”

Tam further discusses the prevailing points of main interest that is on the side of Southern Californians, “What of the perks? California instated its current tax incentive program, the California Film & Television Tax Program 2.0, in 2015. Beyond awarding $300 million a year in funding to filmmakers, the state offers an extra incentive for films shot outside of Los Angeles County. Accordingly, San Diego—traditionally the tousle-haired stepchild of filming hubs L.A. and San Francisco—has been quietly expanding its appeal to filmmakers. The city hosted dozens of productions in the past year, most notably Fox’s scripted TV series Pitch, and the Netflix original series Ingobernable, set to air March 24.”

We’ve got city leadership with Mayor Faulconer and the San Diego City Council who have pledged their support of the film industry.

Tiger Tam further goes on to include an interesting interview with Brandy Shimabukuro, A Filming Program Manager, click here to continue reading Tam’s article.

“I’m of the mind that we are here to provide the foundation to get us to that point where we could be one of the biggest, if not the most prosperous, and certainly the most film-friendly destination that you could want to be.”